After the incredible sold out in Milan, #DevendraBanhart returns to Italy: Wednesday #1July 2020 at the #RomanTheater of #Fiesole (Florence).




FIESOLE (Firenze)


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After recording an incredible sold out for the Milanese preview on Sunday 9 February 2020 at the Teatro dal Verme, DEVENDRA BANHART returns to Italy with two new summer dates. The most creative singer-songwriter on the US hippie-folk scene will be Tuesday 30 June 2020 at the Roman Theater in Verona and Wednesday 1 July 2020 at the Roman theater in Fiesole, Florence. The shows are produced by Vivo Concerti.

DEVENDRA BANHART, born in 1981, is a multifaceted artist born in the United States but raised in Venezuela. The encounter with these two cultures stimulates and influences the passion for music and art, which he has cultivated since childhood. While studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, the young Banhart devoted himself to painting and drawing and, in the meantime, took his first steps towards music, starting to experiment with songs with the help of old recorders and to compose heterogeneous songs, initially not intended for a specific audience. The change occurs when Michael Gira, founder and singer of the rock band Swans, listened to the songwriter’s unique vocal tone in 2002 and was thrilled. Thus began a collaboration that led to the production of ‘Oh Me Oh My …’ (2002), a unique collection of 22 psychedelic folk recordings, composed of surreal lyrics and accompanied by the guitar and the rare voice of the artist, defined by Pitchfork as ” a mix between Tim Buckley’s beat, Marc Bolan’s timbre and Tiny Tim’s vibrato ”. In 2003 Banhart released the EP ‘The Black Babies’, which contains some of his unreleased folk and acoustic rock tracks. The record project precedes the first full-length album composed of ‘Rejoicing in the Hands’ (2004), whose songs, mainly psychedelic and indie folk, are characterized by arpeggios, nursery rhymes and the particular writing of the artist, and’ Niño Rojo ‘, released in April of the same year. The recording project immediately attracts the attention of international critics by recording 88/100 on Metacritic.

In September 2005 he released with the XL Recording the ambitious album ‘Cripple Crow’, which contains 22 songs with a great deal of attention in the arrangements, which include choirs, drums, electric guitars, and which paves the way for the next album ‘ Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon ‘(2007). In 2009, ‘What Will We Be’ was released, the seventh record project signed by the major Warner and anticipated by the song ‘Baby’. In 2013 it was the turn of ‘Mala’, a return to basics album made up of the many folk, indie and Latin facets that characterize his music. The same sounds are also found in the following album ‘Ape in Pink Marble’ (2016), which contains thirteen tracks full of unusual and oriental arrangements. Banhart returns to the music scene in 2018 creating the cover of ‘Shown and Told’ of the indie rock band Joan of Arc’s and publishing, in February 2019, his first collection of poems called “Weeping Gang Bliss Void Yab-Yum”.

On 13 September 2019, the singer-songwriter released the new album ‘Ma’ for Nonesuch / Warner Music, a disc that tells the different nuances of motherhood and that speaks of love with songs with simple, intimate tones and in different languages. The recording project is anticipated by the songs “Kantori Ongaku”, a tribute to the Japanese musician and producer Haruomi Hosono, from “Abre Las Manos”, an ode to Venezuela, and from the poignant “Memorial”.

DEVENDRA BANHART’s talent is not limited to music. In fact, his particular and enigmatic drawings are exhibited in galleries all over the world. The artist also boasts a collaboration with Yoko Ono for the “Water Piece” project and the publication of the art collection “I Left My Noodle on Ramen Street.

Do not miss the opportunity to listen to the deep and exciting voice of the brilliant DEVENDRA BANHART during the two new summer dates of Tuesday 30 June 2020 at the Roman Theater of Verona and Wednesday 1 July 2020 at the Roman theater of Fiesole, Florence.


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