@thecheflife – Who said #Techno & #Rock don’t fit? #TheChef – #RockNRollin is out now! The Chef is an artist that loves to put himself in the game.




​​​​​​IS OUT NOW!

​​​​​​​THE CHEF is an artist that loves to put himself in the game, loves daring to do something new. Being the creator behind this production, he aims to share an abundance of good positive driving vibes!   

This song ROCK ‘N ROLLIN is the genuine influence by his upbringing with pop, punk, rock music from artists like Green Day, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Nirvana – it includes also the later-coming influence of electronic music and techno directed by some artists such as Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Adam Beyer – with a cinematic character inspired to music from Sons of Pytagoras and Hans Zimmer.

Do you have a spare 2 minutes to listen to something new?

At 128BPM and 5:11 minutes long – The track starts off with a dark spacy growing pad, suddenly supported by a progressive chord progression of closed guitars which evolve into a more consistent distorted pattern, with the support of brasses and open guitars living around a choir of dark male low-pitched background voices – the energy then charges and the drop kicks in with an electronic kick and bass; the rock beat turns into a techno beat with a strong contained low-end gated by the acoustic guitar spiced up by the supporting alternating acid synths and voice opening brasses that create an hypnotic 4/4 groove, reinforced by an evolving cinematic piano melody.

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