Oona O’Sullivan lives in London and leads an ordinary life, very similar to that of many teenagers. She is fond of swimming and the water is almost a natural habitat for her. He lives with his parents, has no brothers but has a best friend: the same age Susan, who has the strange fixation that Oona is a fairy. Oona, on the contrary, is convinced that all the stories that Susan tells are fairy tales for children. And she a little girl stopped being one.

July 7, the day of his seventeenth birthday is approaching and on that date Oona’s life will change radically thanks to the meeting with a mysterious as sexy boy who says his name is Killian, to come from another world called Tirn Aill and seems committed by time to follow his every step.

Oona will realize that not everything around her is what she appears. That certain encounters leave an indelible mark and, even if you don’t want to, they are destined to tear her away from what she has always believed to be her reality. Not to be a simple teenage girl but to be destined from the moment of her birth to fulfill a mission on which the fate of Tirn Aill depends.
Thus, even if reluctant, Oona will allow himself to be led by the mysterious Killian to the court of Feridia, his birthplace, where he will discover that the surprises for her are not yet over. She will discover that she has unsuspected powers and that hard and difficult trials await her to fulfill her mission, she will find herself face to face with intriguing and painful secrets that, even if breaking her heart, will force her to grow.
Following the steps of an ancient prophecy, the young Oona will immerse herself in a world populated by fantastic beings and dark dangers, while the deep feelings of her heart will make her a woman and a warrior ready to fight to save her people from a terrible threat

Note: “7 lacrime di fata” is the first volume in the “Cronache da Tirn Aill”.


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