Volevo guidare l’Enterprise ma Kirk è arrivato prima


Adele Ross

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… Because Star Trek is now a cultural heritage common to all the peoples of this Earth of ours and if it has taught us at least to feel less distant and to be ordinary citizens of this fragile planet then it has far exceeded all expectations of its producer Roddenberry.
Thanks to the authors of this agile booklet that with anecdotes, curiosities and revelations reveal small secrets about the Star Trek saga or remind us of details that perhaps, for those who, like myself, under the water under the bridges have seen it go a bit, they were lost between a trip at warp speed and a jump in hyperspace … always in search of new forms of life and new civilizations to boldly go where no one has gone before!
(from the preface by E.T.A. Egeskov)

Everyone (or almost) knows the universe of Star Trek, a science fiction saga that has now become a cult but perhaps not everyone knows that …

Ever wondered why the original Star Trek series, unlike any TV series, boasts not one but two pilot episodes?

Or where did the idea of teleportation come from? or what are the red jerseys in film jargon?

And have you ever had the curiosity to know the plots of the ten episodes of Star Trek that have never been made?

The answer to these and many other questions about the Star Trek universe awaits you in this collection written by the young youtuber Matsuteia (already known for his volume “I wanted to be a Jedi, almost serious collection on the Star Wars saga”) and by the writer humorous Adele Ross (author of the series “All the fault of …” and of the series “Walking through fairy tales …”), for the first time together in these pages written in four hands (and eight eyes since both need to glasses so as not to run the risk of crashing when they walk).

Being both passionate about almost useless news for humanity, they decided to combine this common feature with the sole purpose of amusing and amusing the readers and, of course, being able to present Matsuteia’s candidacy for the post of commander of the Enterprise when the position remains discovered again.

For all readers who develop an addiction to writing by the two authors or are simply curious to read more of their production, we remind you that all the books of Matsuteia and Adele Ross are available on Amazon in paper and ebook format (also for free reading with KindleUnlimited subscription).


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